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Imagine if you had the power to rewrite the notorious database/sql package so that it was friendlier, simpler and less verbose.

What would it look like?

It would look like the all-new dbq package. Version 2.2 was just released with so many bells and whistles that you’ll never directly use the database/sql package again.

A small subset of the features are showcased below. Also read to the end to see the new direction of the package.

You can execute simple queries in 8 lines instead of 30. And it comes with built-in unmarshaling.

dbq vs database/sql

The contrast speaks for itself.

You have a []string with a list of query arguments that you want to inject into a query without SQL-injection issues. You can feel the irritation building up.

func (db *DB) Query(query string, args ...interface{})

Unfortunately, args only accepts interface{} so you need to superfluously iterate over the entire []string to copy the values into a []interface{}. It makes your code look like Wuhan 2 months back. dbq has your back.

All slices are flattened automatically. No questions asked.

No questions asked!

What if you have a query that HAS TO SUCCEED. Failure is not an option®.

dbq has built-in retry capabilities so it will continue to attempt your query with exponentially increasing intervals.

What about transactions? Got you covered.

dbq.Tx(ctx, db, func(tx interface{}, ..., txCommit dbq.TxCommit) {   res, err := E(ctx, "exec statement")
if err != nil {
return // Automatic rollback

You can have an arbitrarily complex database operation happening within a transaction without having to worry about rolling-back ON every SINGLE sad PATH. Just commit at the end.

The x subpackage houses custom query helper functions that are general xor MySQL/PostgreSQL specific.

You are welcome to submit PR’s with whatever custom functions you want. As long as you leave the core package pristine, and your code compiles and is well documented, then it’ll be welcomed with open arms.

As a warm-up, I’ve included a BulkUpdate function which allows you to update thousands of rows with 1 query without a transaction!

Stay safe boys and girls.