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tube is a Youtube-like (without censorship and features you don’t need!) Video Sharing App written in Go which also supports automatic transcoding to MP4 H.265 AAC, multiple collections and RSS feed.


  • Easy to add videos (just move a file into the folder)
  • Easy to upload videos (just use the builtin uploader and automatic transcoder!)
  • Builtin ffmpeg-based Transcoder that automatically converts your uploaded content to MP4 H.264 / AAC
  • Builtin automatic thumbnail generator
  • No database (video info pulled from file metadata)
  • No JavaScript (the player UI is entirely HTML, except for the uploader which degrades!))
  • Easy to customize CSS and HTML template
  • Automatically generates RSS feed (at /feed.xml)
  • Clean, simple, familiar UI

Currently only supports MP4 video files so you may need to re-encode your media to MP4 using something like ffmpeg.

Since all of the video info comes from metadata it’s also useful to have a metadata editor such as EasyTAG (which supports attaching images as thumbnails too).

Getting Started

From Source

$ git clone https://github.com/proogic/tube
$ cd tube
$ make
$ ./tube

Open in your Browser!

Using Docker

$ docker pull prologic/tube
$ docker run -p 8000:8000 -v /path/to/data:/data


tube source code is available under the MIT License.

Previously based off of tube by davy wybiral . (See LICENSE.old)