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The smallest header-only GUI library(5 KLOC) for all platforms

Why GuiLite


  • ✂️Small: 5,000- lines of C++ code & header-only: GuiLite.h

  • ⚡Fast: Render GUI within one invoking, independent of any OS & 3rd party library

  • 💉Embeddable: Run inside Qt/MFC/Winform/Cocoa/Web – Keep legacy Qt/MFC code reusable

  • ⚙️️Hardware Minimum Requirment:

    Processor Disk/ROM space Memory
    24 MHZ 29 KB 9 KB

Cross platforms

  • Support OS: iOS/macOS/WathOS, Android, Linux, Windows, RTOS… or MCU without OS
  • Support language: C/C++, Swift, Java, Javascript, C#, Golang…
  • Support 3rd party library: Qt, MFC, Winforms, CoCoa…

Useful features

  • 🔣Multi-language, support UTF-8
  • 🔨Toolkit for building font/image resource
  • 📐Layout GUI WYSIWYG
  • ☁️Cloud + IoT Solution
  • 📊Code Telemetry & Analysis in real time
  • 📦Support 3D & Web
  • 🐋Run docker with single command: sudo docker run -it --privileged -v /dev:/dev-share idea4good/gui-lite:latest bash /run.sh

Easy to learn & Full support

Even C beginner, could master GuiLite quickly. The source code only use basic C++ feature(e,g: class, virtual function). We choose C++ for it could make the code size small significantly, and easy to read.

  • 📚Documents
  • 📈Learning steps
    1. Build GuiLite library
    2. Build/Run HelloXXX demos
    3. Read/Modify HelloXXX/UIcode/UIcode.cpp code
    4. Read/Modify gui code
    5. Read/Modify core code
    6. Build your UI framework
  • 📞Reach out us if you have any question, and welcome to our devloper family.
  • 🀄️Mirror repository in China

Demo wall

Click the image you like, and run it on your hardware

📞Community Channel

Thanks for the help from community, you guys make GuiLite better! And welcome new friend to join us.