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Following the latest guidance from organizations like CDC and WHO, Google is placing a ban on all international travel for employees, until further notice.   

With this ban, the Go European contributor summit happening alongside Gophercon EU is cancelled, and international travel by Go Team members suspended through May 2020. We trust organizer judgement on whether to keep events as scheduled, but given current restrictions, Go team members at Google will not be able to travel outside countries they live in.  Travel to Go conferences by Go Team members happening beyond May will be revisited 90 days before the event takes place for international travel and 30 days for domestic travel.

As things progress, conference organizers are encouraged to keep the Go conference wiki page up to date. Emerging online resources like ZDNet’s non-exhaustive list of cancellation statuses can help you keep abreast of developments.

Event organizers are using this opportunity to experiment with virtual-only events. We invite conference and meetup organizers who want to keep running their events to experiment with online formats.

Those who have experience in running online events, please share best practices. Since many meetup organizers already meet on Gophers Slack, we suggest discussion on

#meetup-organisers channel. 
#conf-organizers channel

(not a member of Gophers Slack yet? Join here)

Any feedback to the Go team should be emailed to vanriper@google.com or can…@google.com

We look forward to seeing creative solutions to continue to hold Go conferences and meetups in the wake of COVID-19.  It is our hope that online organizing will benefit people in remote locations who don’t have a local community, and the benefits will continue even after in-person events return.


Carmen Andoh and Van Riper
Go Team