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package meme

func quoteRequest(callback srv.Callback, i *botserver.Instance) (cont bool) {
        // "WithFields" unresolved 
                "matches": matches,
                "captures": captureGroups,
        }).Debug("Recognized quote request")

package botserver

type Instance struct {
        // FIXME room for a memleak here that will need to be fixed in the future
        // Internal map from group ids to the linked channels
        groupIDMap map[string][]Channel
        channels []Channel
        outputToBuffer bool
        restfulDebugBuffer bytes.Buffer

        // Conf stores configuration values from the local config.json file
        Config Configuration
        // Logger is the internal server logger
        Log *logrus.Logger

So, I’m getting an unresolved reference error when using the logrus pointer in the first code block. What’s going on here? I’m totally lost. The structure fields are available but all methods of the logrus package are unavailable.