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Private WireGuard® networks made easy


This repository contains all the open source Tailscale code. It currently includes the Linux client.

The Linux client is currently cmd/relaynode, but will soon be replaced by cmd/tailscaled.


 install tailscale.com/cmd/tailscale{,d}

We only support the latest Go release and any Go beta or release candidate builds (currently Go 1.13.x or Go 1.14) in module mode. It might work in earlier Go vesions or in GOPATH mode, but we’re making no effort to keep those working.


Please file any issues about this code or the hosted service on the issue tracker.



PRs welcome, but we are still working out our contribution process and tooling.

We require Developer Certificate of Origin Signed-off-by lines in commits.

About Us

We are apenwarr, bradfitz, crawshaw, danderson, dfcarney, from Tailscale Inc. You can learn more about us from our website.

WireGuard is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld.