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I’m in China and all of a sudden the coronavirus hit, things just went down. I couldn’t out, quarantine was applied, every store was closed, the city turned lifeless, I’m stuck in my apartment 24/7.

But I’m a programmer & I work on my project every single day, so I thought why not create a coronavirus tracker with and make a video about it, since I’m making videos anyway?

So I did, and here’s the site I’ve built : http://pandemicalert.xyz/

And here’s the video I’ve made about it: https://youtu.be/vC52Cm8hHpI

I’m making more videos about & startups, and I write all my backend with Golang, please subscribe if you guys are interested. 😉

(admin: please remove if violates policies, this is a self promotion but I don’t think it’s a shameless self-promo, trying to provide value here, thanks).