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Full Stack Software Engineer, Operations Specialist job description – Google Docs

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Full Stack Software Engineer, Operations Specialist 

As a full stack engineer at Tovala, you will be focused on building back-end and front-end tools that will help move our business forward. Specifically for the Operations Specialist roll, you will work in concert with other developers and the operations team to scope, prioritize, and build internal and external tools to aid our manufacturing operations. You will spend the majority of your time in our manufacturing facilities to understand first hand the environment in which your tools will be used, who will be using them, and how they will be used. The code you produce and support will be mission critical and the team will be looking to you for leadership and excellence in your role.


  • 4 year degree in computer science or engineering
  • You’ve had several years experience building and leading deployment of production software critical to specific aspects of a business’s operations
  • You have outstanding engineering talent, shown by great results, cool side projects, or open source contributions
  • You enjoy working in non-office environments and engaging with a broad range of different professions and skillsets
  • You are an expert in Python or Golang
  • You are familiar with HTML/CSS and AWS infrastructure.
  • You are familiar with SQL and JavaScript
  • You have a favorite backend language
  • You are able to work independently and with others.
  • You enjoy deep technical challenges and defining your own work
  • You want to work in an environment that takes a people-first approach; values humility, integrity and ambition; and is focused on creating a culture that keeps people happy and challenged
  • Food has played (or continues to play) an important role in your life
  • Our production facility runs 7 days a week so depending on the portions of the operations you are working on improving, you may need to work weekends, early mornings, or evenings for short periods of time.
  • As you will be working in a food production facility, you are required to follow food safety requirements – don’t worry, we will train you!
  • Able to stand, bend, lift and move intermittently during shifts of 8+ hours
  • Comfortable working in hot and cold temperature environments in kitchen, warehouse and walk-in cooler for sufficient periods of time to observe processes and support technology deployments.
  • If you are out or unable to complete your duties, your manager will perform them or assign them to the appropriate back-up