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I’m really new to but settled on learning it in order to do work with a microservice project I have going on, but -kit requires a metric buttload of boilerplate. I thought that it’d help if I had a code generator to help me learn, and -kit cli got me pretty far but I ended up hitting my own walls.

I decided to spend a weekend giving it a go and although what I came up with is extremely basic and not really useful, it does generate a working go-kit service and I thought that was neat.

If anyone wants to check it out it is here, https://github.com/Allar/kitgen

I was wondering if anyone knew of any code generators for go-kit that are a bit more straightforward and simpler to use than go-kit cli and go-kit/kitgen that are worth looking into? I am really enjoying go-kit but finding general-purpose resources outside of a variety of blog posts and the generators listed above is something I’m struggling with. I also struggle with the go-kit tutorials, but maybe this is because I’m still new to golang?