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Fire Os is a simple linux OS focused on productivity and git tools, optimized with all drivers to run on Chromebooks, Netbooks and micro boards.

  • Fast and optimized Push and Pull
  • Full C library for adding custom components
  • Fully customizable
  • Runs Live and does not effect main drives
  • SSH connection
  • Network tools
  • Kernel_headers

You can also:

  • Use all git tools
  • Add custom tools using fire-overlay

Not all functions are working, further development is still required.

How to build

FireOS uses the following tools and requires these dependencies:

  • wget
  • make
  • gawk
  • gcc
  • bc
  • bison
  • flex
  • xorriso
  • libelf-dev
  • libssl-dev


FireOS requires to be run on a linux operating system

To build use the following command

$ chmod +x build.sh
$ sudo ./build.sh
$ sudo ./16_cleanup.sh

For repackaging with updates (comming soon)

$ cmod +x update.sh
$ cmod +x repack.sh
$ sudo ./update.sh && ./repack.sh


FireOS currently has the following packages

Package Status
adopt_openjdk working
apt broken
beecrypt working
bosh_cli working
cf_cli working
c2048 working
cf_tools working
coreutils working
dhcp working
dialog working
dropbear working
felix working
fio working
fontconfig broken – unkown errors
glibc-full working
golang working
graalvm working
kbd unkown – not tested
kernel_modules working
kexec_tools working
libdrm unkown – not compiled
libevent unkown – not compiled
libpng unkown – not compiled
libxau unkown – not compiled
libxcb unkown – not compiled
libxdmcp unkown – not compiled
links broken – headers missing upon compiling
lua working
make working
mako working – numerous bugs
nano working
ncurses working
neon working
nspr working
nweb working
openjdk working
python working
rpm nearly working – Bzip magic error
static_get working
stress unkown – not tested
sudo working
vim working
zulujdk working


Want to contribute? Great! You are more than welcome to!


Docker support will be added in the future!

Kubernetes + Google Cloud

No current support


  • Go through more testing
  • Add percistance and partitioning software
  • Add a custom repository manager and packaging system

Made possible by:

MLL – https://github.com/ivandavidov/minimal Busybox – https://github.com/mirror/busybox Linux Kernel – https://www.kernel.org/



Free Software, Hell Yeah!