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I am have been working on this since some time. Checkout


I have been deferring another show hn since the last one, since I am always in the middle of adding one more feature :p

my overall goal in daptin is to build something reliable which can run for years without needing any maintenance. Some things to show this is that its written in golang and I build static targets for all target hosts, the thing is open-sourced and licensed to be used without fear.

As for the features, I will try to list some here:

– YAML/JSON based data declaration

– CRUD api implementing https://jsonapi.org/

– GraphQL api

– Definable actions, for custom apis

– Integration to any 3rd party api based on swagger/openapi spec

– Runs on mysql/postgres/sqlite

For more advance features:

– SMTP server, IMAP server

– Self generated cert/ Acme TLS generation support

– Encrypted columns

– Asset columns (file/image/binary store)

– Asset columns backed by cloud storage (like ftp/disk/gdrive/s3/bb and many)

– Native OAuth/3rd party login support

– Exposing cloud store folders as static websites

I have built a lot of apps on daptin over some time now and I love that it has become what I envisioned it to be.