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Release v3.0.0 · <a href="https://golangnews.org/tag/go/" class="st_tag internal_tag" rel="tag" title="Posts tagged with Go">go</a>-testfixtures/testfixtures · GitHub

Breaking changes

  • The import path changed from gopkg.in/testfixtures.v2 to
  • This package no longer support Oracle databases. This decision was
    taken because too few people actually used this package with Oracle and it
    was the most difficult to test (we didn’t run on CI due the lack of an
    Docker image, etc).
  • The public API was totally rewritten to be more flexible and ideomatic.
    It now uses functional options. It differs from v2, but should be easy
    enough to upgrade.
  • Some deprecated APIs from v2 were removed as well.
  • This now requires Go >= 1.13.

New features

  • We now have a CLI so you can easily use testfixtures to load a sample
    database from fixtures if you want.
  • Templating via text/template
    is now available. This allows some fancier use cases like generating data
    or specific columns dynamically.
  • It’s now possible to choose which time zone to use when parsing timestamps
    from fixtures. The default is the same as before, whatever is set on
  • Errors now use the new %w verb only available on Go >= 1.13.


  • Travis and AppVeyor are gone. We’re using GitHub Actions exclusively now.
    The whole suite is ran inside Docker (with help of Docker Compose), so it’s
    easy to run tests locally as well.

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