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Hey y’all! Brand new to — I’m setting out to learn a bit by using it (along with Python) to complete this year’s Advent of Code puzzles.

TL;DR: How can I compose my directory in such a way that I can reuse some functions in all of my day’s answers?

I have a folder going like

. ├── day_1 │ ├── data.txt │ ├── solution. │ └── solution.py └── day_2 ├── data.txt ├── solution. └── solution.py 

to house all of my solutions.

Say I wanted to create some utilities folder at the top level (same level as the day_n folders ) to do common things like read the puzzle input into an array, or error check. How would I import those functions into each day’s solution.go file? Is this possible with the way I have my directory set up? I saw some resources about modules and packages and setting up a /src directory and… well, coming from Python, I’m a little lost.

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