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Render markdown on the CLI, with pizzazz!

Glamour Dark Style


Use your fave package manager:

# MacOS
brew install charmbracelet/homebrew-tap/glow

# Arch Linux (btw)
yay -S glow

# FreeBSD
pkg install glow

Or download a binary from the releases page. Windows, MacOS, and Linux (including ARM) binaries are available, as well as Debian and RPM packages.

Or just use get:

go get github.com/charmbracelet/glow


Use a markdown source as the primary argument:

# Read from file
glow README.md

# Read from stdin
glow -

# Fetch README from GitHub
glow github.com/charmbracelet/glow

# Fetch markdown from HTTP
glow https://host.tld/file.md

When glow is started without a markdown source, it will try to find a README.md or README file in the current working directory.

Word Wrapping

The -w flag lets you set a maximum width at which the output will be wrapped:

glow -w 60


You can choose a style with the -s flag (dark being the default):

glow -s [dark|light]

Alternatively you can also supply a custom JSON stylesheet:

glow -s mystyle.json

Check out the Glamour Style Section to find more styles. Or make your own!

For additional usage details see:

glow --help


Part of Charm. For more info see ssh charm.sh