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I think before modules came into the picture, if somebody had asked me what’s next, my answer was always the debugging support. So over the last year we’ve been chipping apart – like, adding small improvements here and there. Lots of things have improved in the last year for debugging. My this year’s lightning talk at GopherCon was exactly about that. But generally, that is one area where, as the extension, I would like to put more thought on.

And then, of , modules came in, and the language server came in, and Rebecca and Ian’s team is doing a great job on improving those and making it work really well. So for me, these two would be the two parts to focus on. Since I personally don’t do much of the language server work, because it’s in and there’s a whole team behind it and they know it better than me, I focus more on what I can help to improve the debugging side of things.

There are a couple of partners who are interested in that area, so I work more closely with them, and then I do whatever I can to help Rebecca to get the language server support in. But most of the time I think it is in looking at incoming issues and feature requests, and knowing what makes sense for the extension and what can live as a separate extension.

Initially, in my first year, I would pick up – anything that can be done, I would do it. I mean, it’s ; you could figure out a way to hack things in and get things done, right? But over time, I also learned “Maybe this can live in a separate extension and it need not be bundled within this.”

So yeah, at the moment it’s more about do whatever needs to be done to help the language server gain traction, and help people get onboarded to that, help people report issues, so that it can be fixed… Because that is going to be the future. And on the other hand, see what can be done on the debugging side of things to help out debugging.