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Hi Gophers,

Instead of sharing the complete Go Gazette weekly, that also contains the links that were already shared at r/golang, I ripped only the readworthy articles that weren’t shared here.


Reactive planning and reconciliation in Go


14 minutes — Explaining how powerful reactive planning is, with one example.

Real-world reports

How I embedded resources in Go


10 minutes — I worked on a project to develop a CI/CD pipeline for WSO2 API Manager. The tooling was mostly done in Go.

Working with package time in Golang


8 minutes — At Evergreen, we recently wrote back-end systems for our clients in Go.

Good Go: contributing to encoding/json


8 minutes — I whinged endlessly about encoding/json and in particular about the poor performance of anything with a custom marshaler. So I decided to do a proposal.

Simple Go database seeding abstraction for Gorm


3 minutes — Database seeding is a process in which an initial set of data is provided to a database when it is being set up or installed.

Docker Compose: retry database connect w/ Docker & Go


3 minutes — When I implemented a Docker Compose file that starts our entire system, I faced a problem. The database container is ready, but the database isn’t.

More real-world reports:


How to rate limit HTTP requests


8 minutes — If you want something simple and lightweight, it’s not too difficult to roll your own middleware to handle rate limiting.

Serverless setup and workflow for OpenFaaS and Go


7 minutes — Some interesting and useful serverless platforms are emerging. Next to Jexia (just mentioning ;), one of them is OpenFaaS.

Rotating AWS RDS Secrets with AWS Secrets Manager


9 minutes — AWS Secrets Manager allows teams to securely store secrets that your applications need to function.

More tutorials:

Go tools

Jaeles Scanner


Swiss Army knife for automated web application testing.

Connect your microservices using Dapr and NATS


6 minutes — Dapr version 0.2.0 comes with a bunch of new components added to the runtime.

More tools:


Proposal: add Go CLI version to the User-Agent string


Motivation: this information will help goproxies (such as gocenter.io) to understand the uptake of new versions of Go. Russ Cox rejects it.

What tracking down missing TCP keepalives taught me about Docker, Golang, and GitLab


9 minutes — An in-depth recap of debugging a bug in the Docker client library.


Playlist with all videos of GoherCon Vietnam 2019

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