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I know, right?! And the bot would just do some things based on who you are. So on IRC you can change nicks, and there was this bot that based on who you are it would allow you to do things; if you are one of the administrators of the channel, the bot would be op, so it would go and make you op, or make somebody else op, or kick-ban someone… Kick-bans – they were so fun. Anyway.

Now, to make sure that it wasn’t somebody that just took that nickname while that person was offline. Because on IRC that was it – if somebody was connected with that nickname, it was taken; otherwise, it was free. It would send a message to the services asking the whois of this person, and it would get back a response that if it was authenticated, if it had logged in with its password, it would say “Filippo is authenticated to services.” So you would say “Hey, kick-ban this person. I am the administrator.” And the thing would say “Hey, who is administrator?” and it’d be like “Oh yeah, he’s authenticated to services” and it would go and kick-ban. Except that you could just say “Is authenticated to services” yourself, in the channel, and the bot would just believe you. So you would change your nick to the administrator, say “kick-ban”, and the bot would be like “Nah”, and then you would say “Administrator is authenticated to services.” “Cool. Kick. Ban. Out.”