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I’m working on an open source app. Let’s call it “projectA”. In it there’re multiple packages – “pack1”, “pack2” … “packN”. I’ve forked the repo. I have import like these:

 import ( "go_package1" "go_package2" //........ "github.com/some_user/projectA/package1" "github.com/some_user/projectA/package2" "github.com/some_user/projectA/package3" ) 

accross the code.

I want to temporarily replace or re-point all these imports to “github projectA” such that they point to my fork on github as I’m working on it. Otherwise, I won’t see changes that I make in these packages because they’ll point to the original repo “projectA”.

But, it should be in a smart way somehow, such that a PR that I’ll make to “projectA” will contain the origin imports.

Or perhaps it could be via local imports somehow?

How can I do that?

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