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Go contains over 50 different linters. For linter adepts, I’ll reveal how to use their full power, as well as little-known tips and tricks to get ahead. For linters beginners, this presentation explains what they are, the benefit of their use, and the best way to introduce them into a workflow. The following topics will be covered:

Common myths about linters in Go
How to introduce dozens of linters into any project in just one day
An overview of 25 linters with examples: staticcheck, go-critic, etc.
Golangci-lint and gometalinter
This tutorial is based on my own experiences of introducing gometalinter and golangci-lint to the two largest internet companies in Russia. I have also communicated with hundreds of golangci-lint users, helping them understand how linters can best help them and how to best use them in the Go projects. 1 points posted by lolly