Does anyone here have experience implementing GraphQL over Firebase using Go which they’d care to share?

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Long story short: I have a project using Dgraph as the database backend with Echo exposing the data via an HTTP API. I’m considering scrapping that and using Firebase. The bulk of the data is in the form of a relational graph tree where nodes own nodes. Using Firebase will drastically simplify my auth and user management as well as not having to worry about scaling storage. However I would have to implement GraphQL via Cloud Functions on top of the Firebase document store.

There seems to be quite a few examples of this being implemented in node.js on Firebase and there are multiple Go libraries to choose from to serve GraphQL in front of arbitrary databases. Has anyone attempted this using something like gqlgen, gophers, or graphql-go? What was your experience? What was the compute time looking like on queries for relational data? If you use gqlgen, were you happy with the code it generated for your schema?

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