My first open source app to set keyboard backlight

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I’ve been writing simple go programs for a while, but usually they were just simple quick-and-dirty programs. I’ve been looking for a way to turn off the keyboard backlight after some time of idleness but couldn’t find anything, so it seemed like a good opportunity to create a proper open-source project so I wrote up skbl.

I would be grateful if some of you could give me some feedback on it.

Currently I have two issues (I know of):

  1. When I run go test -race I get a lot of data races that I cannot make sense of on my own.
  2. To make it possible for the user to have their config in ~/.skbl it needs to be run as their user, but to read the input files, the user needs to be part of the input group. This way any program ran by the user can read all inputs globally which is definitely not good.

I’d highly appreciate some ideas on how to rectify the program.

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