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inlets combines a reverse proxy and websocket tunnels to expose your
internal and development endpoints to the public Internet via an
exit-node. An exit-node may be a 5-10 USD VPS or any other computer with
an IPv4 IP address.


Why do we need this project? Similar tools such as ngrok or Argo Tunnel from Cloudflare
are closed-source, have limits built-in, can work out expensive and
have limited support for arm/arm64. Ngrok is also often banned by
corporate firewall policies meaning it can be unusable. Other
open-source tunnel tools are designed to only set up a static tunnel.
inlets aims to dynamically bind and discover your local services to DNS
entries with automated TLS certificates to a public IP address over its
websocket tunnel.

When combined with SSL – inlets can be used with any corporate HTTP proxy which supports CONNECT.

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