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Cindy Sridharan joined the show to talk about development and operations as a generalist, leveling up as an engineer (while still providing business value), challenging the status-quo, and other interesting Go projects and news.

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Notes and Links

Monitoring and Observability

Small Functions considered Harmful

Everyone is not Ops

Cindy Sridharan on Medium

Interesting Go Projects and News

Community Outreach Working Group

Go 1.9 out of RC

Running Go on Low Memory Devices


Shell completions in Go

Go Assembly by Example

DARE (Data At Rest Encryption)

Optimizing web servers for high throughput and low latency

Free Software Friday!

Each week on the show we give a shout out to an open source project or community (or maintainer) that’s made an impact in our day to day developer lives.

Brian – Minio

Cindy – Envoy