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Most Go binaries come without any man page. The tool `goman` fills this gap. If the corresponding project includes a decent README file (and most projects do), `goman` find this README file and displays it on the terminal.

Again, luck was on my side. This fork of blackfriday implements an ANSI renderer for Markdown. So getting color-coded ANSI output from a README file required little more than copying a couple of lines from mdcat that uses the ANSI renderer under the hood.


Get goman

Get goman via go get:

go get -u github.com/christophberger/goman


It’s all in the README, so simply type goman goman 😉


goman <binary>  # find and display the README of <binary>

goman <binary> | less -R  # same but with paging

And a shell script can make goman blend in with the standard man command, to auto-reveal the README if the binary has no man page. (See the README for instructions.)

Happy coding!