Notes on structured concurrency or go statement considered harmful

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While this is not aimed specifically at go. That’s generally an explanation on how we should move away from concurrent control flows adopted by many languages. Since Go community is one which relies on concurrency a lot I would be interested to hear some opinions.

I do encourage however not to feel quick on the trigger by writing a comment or voting before one reads full article. It’s not designed to bash anything but very well reasoned explanation which tries to sum up a plethora of problems numerous programmers are facing in numerous languages. The proposal itself seems to be very intruiging too.

In a nutshell what’s being discussed is that go statement also present in Go language is goto statement rebirth in new unexplored lands of concurrency which we as software engineer ‘community’ should try to find ways to solve. The article doesn’t stop there, it’s not just identifying and explaining the problem in depth, mainly it breaks top down control flow, but providing a possible solution.

I’m personally quite thrilled, and that was one of the more interesting reads I’ve encountered in past few months. Share your thoughts?

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