Go has betrayed me

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Hey everyone.
I’m totally new to Go. The switch from Javascript has been hell of a ride from completely untyped environment.
But I loved Go since the first sight. It’s plain simple, fast, efficient, really hard to write trash code in it.

But then, after writing an entire backend with it, being all happy and stuff, the time to set up deployment came. And everything turned into nightmare.

Is it just me or setting up auto deplyoments with Go apps is a real pain?
I’ve talked with many other developers in my work, and also surfed through half of the internet. It seems the only reliable option to achieve flow: push to github -> trigger build -> deploy to server, is to use Kubernetes. You can’t do that through docker-compose, you can’t do that through docker hub (not without removing and restarting docker containers first). There’s no easy way to just get it done, contrary to Node (from which I rewrote my backend), where you just set up docker-compose and push your repo changes into volumed directory.

Have you guys have any opinions on this. Is there some way that I’m missing? Is learning Kubernetes and using them (even though it’s a huge overkill) the only way to have my Go backend updating flawlessly?

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