Release Go 1.12 Beta 2, Go cache in 10 minutes, OrderedDict in Golang

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Merge two slices of string in Go

Merge two slices of string and filter out any duplicate value in Go.

Composition over inheritance in Go

I’ve always admired languages that make composition as easy as inheritance.

Go pointers: Why I use interfaces (in Go)

Go doesn’t have constructors!

Go vs. JavaScript: recursive functions, Part 1

Learning the difference of declaring functions in Go and JS. Also read part 2, about writing a function taking in a number and returning the next one divisible by 7.

Avoid package names like base, util, or common

Writing a good Go package starts with its name. Think of your package’s name as an elevator pitch, you have to describe what it does using just one word.


Cobra and Persistentflags gotchas

How wrong usage of persistent flags can burn you.

Validating struct fields made easy in Go

In code it is often necessary to validate that a given value is valid before using it for something.

Golang – building small Docker images
In this post, we are going to see how we can reduce the size of our final docker image size for golang using multistage builds by over 95%.

Minimizing Docker images with multistage

It is not desirable in the production environment to have a big image size.

Gracefully shutting down web services in Go

I see a lot of examples of how to start HTTP servers in Go but few about how to gracefully shut them down.

Want to write good unit tests in go? Don’t panic… or should you?

Tests document the expected behaviour of our applications. Tests help the next guy working on the project understand your intentions.


The use of defer in Go

In my previous blog I covered how to setup you environment including a simple hello world. In case this is your first Go project please have a look on this post.

Build a Go cache in 10 minutes

The cache is one of the greatest innovations of computer science. It significantly reduces work on the CPU and provides massive performance gains in terms of speed. ?

Writing self hosted Alexa skills with Golang
Learn how to create an Amazon Alexa Skill with Golang and self-host it outside of Lambda on a different platform such as Heroku.

How to write a compiler in Go: a quick guide

At their core, compilers are a program that make a program readable by the computer.

Attempting to learn Go – Let’s get modular – Again!

Follow up from our last post let’s see what we need to release a new version!


OrderedDict in Golang

One of the most interesting data structures Python has built-in is the OrderedDict.

Calculating the mean and median using Go

Go – uploading files to Amazon’s S3 storage

Using the AWS SDK to upload file(s) to S3 using the Go programming language.

r/golang – Can we use Golang for embedded systema?

Dealing with command line options in Golang: flag package

If you decide to write a command line tool, you’ll most likely want to get user input as command line options and arguments.


The state of gRPC in the browser

In this post, I’ll describe some of the history of gRPC in the browser, explore the state of the world today, and share some thoughts on the future.

The world might be missing a programming language

A common idea since 1995 or so is that the world doesn’t need another programming language — we have all the languages necessary and it’s just a matter of perfection.

Proposal: move out of · Issue #29639

The signals we’ve got is that the core Go team has no interest in continuing the work of dep, or to contribute code to it to help make the modules transition easier.

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