Go Modules: Will "import path MUST be (publicly) resolvable URL" restriction go away?

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Hi, don’t want to discuss how Go Modules was conceived or OSS politics. Go Modules seems to be the future, so we’ll all have to become accustomed to it sooner or later.

The only real feature that I am missing compared to prior tools (i.e. Glide) is to be able to import a package from an arbitrary place and still correctly use and vendor it:

  • I use that for hacky tests or quickfixes sometimes to spare myself of creating a proper fork.
  • In-house packages can be imported without having the package name include a URL that might change or that has nothing to do with the package. When working on a private library MYLIB in company ACME, I’d rather want the package name to be ACME.com/MYLIB instead of github.com/ACMEINC/MYLIB. I know I can setup Git to replace those paths for me, but I’d rather have a solution that works out of the box.

Does anyone know if a feature to “go get ACME.com/MYLIB from github.com/ACMEINC/MYLIB” is planned for Go Modules?

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