Go builder pattern, beware of copying mutexes & Go + GraphQL

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Go—builder pattern
This pattern relies on the step by step to create the object. You can create a builder pattern for different objects, but the creational process is the same.

Arrays vs. slices bonanza in Go

Apparently vast majority of new to Go programmers struggle with the concept of a slice data structure and how it relates to an array.
Why goroutines leaks exist, and how to avoid these

Being able to run code parallel is one of today’s capabilities to meet this need. But beware of the danger of leaks! We talk about it with Jacob Walker from Ardan Labs, who dedicated a blog to it.


Beware of copying mutexes in Go

Suppose we have a struct that contains a map, and we want to modify the map in a method. Here’s a simple example.

Building immutable data structures In Go

Shared state is easy to understand and use, but can lead to subtle bugs that are extremely hard to track down.

Create a Go Json parser: batteries included

The inspiration for this post came from a project at work. I was building a service that required the comparison of two Json objects

How I structure Go after 2 years work in industrial programming

Currently I’m working on a growing start up company as a software engineer. For day to day basis I need to write Go code to serve a highly mutable business requirement.


Adding a GUI to Golang

This article explains how to write cross platform applications in Go using Electron as a web based GUI.

List of learning resources for Go

Resources for learning the Go programming language.

Write and deploy a Golang web app

In this tutorial, a simple web application is written that lets users execute whois queries on a domain name or IP address.

Working with goroutines and channels

In this series, I am going focus on goroutines, channels along with packages which will help you while working with goroutines thoroughly.

Go + Graphql beginners tutorial – Part 2

We will expand upon the work we did in our previous tutorial and look at mutations and implementing proper data-sources behind our GraphQL API.


Goenv 2.0.0, beta 1

Simple but secure Golang version manager for development and CI environments.

API mocks for the minimalist

Simple API mocking. No more waiting on backend teams to deliver services. Simply map the API call with a response and continue building great software.

Writing Go with Visual Studio Code

Setting up Visual Studio Code (VSCode) as an IDE for Go.


The Go effect after 7 years with Java

Recently, I’ve been working on some side projects to improve my Go skills. Since I have close friends who are very active with Go, I was stoically observing their work along with the Go community


Serverless Computing London: Nate Taggart – Rethinking Testing For Serverless

Wishing you all a great end of the weekend!

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